Wolf Creek TV Series

A Stan Original Series

Taking the internationally acclaimed world of ‘Wolf Creek’ to a new level, this Stan Original series follows Eve, an american tourists on a revengeful hunt for the notorious backpacker killer Mick Taylor. Winner of the Actors Award for best cinematography in a series, KOJO is proud to have working on all post and VFX for the 6 episodes.


Series Producer: Elisa Argenzio
Producer: Peter Gawler and Elisa Argenzio
Directors: Greg McLean and Tony Tilse
Production Company: Screentime and Emu Creek Pictures
Post Production Facility: KOJO Productions
Head of DI: Marty Pepper
Post Producer: Elene Pepper
Data Manager: Scott Heysen
DI Assistant: Benjamin Packer
VFX Supervisor: Marty Pepper
VFX Producer: Bree Whitford Smith
VFX Editor: Alex Pepper
Animator: David Smith
Lighting TD: Eleni Taylor
Compositors: Emily Probert, Jack Troisi, Mark Dickson, Mark McKenna, Jake Barton, Eric, Hawksley
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