Anzac Girls


Production Company: Screentime Australia
Executive Producers: Des Monaghan and Greg Haddrick
Series Producer: Lisa Scott
Producer: Felicity Packard
Directors: Ken Cameron (Endurance, Duty, Adventure) Ian Watson (Courage, Mateship, Love)
Writers: Felicity Packard and Niki Aken
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Hall ACS
Editors: Anne Carter (Episodes 1 - 3), Denise Haratzis (Episodes 4 - 6)
Picture and Sound Post Production: KOJO
Post Supervisor: Kate Butler/Elene Pepper
Colourist: Marty Pepper
Online Artist: Mark McKenna
Sound Designer: Tom Heuzenroeder
Sound Effects Editor: Tom Heuzenroeder
Dialogue Editor: Belinda Trimboli
Composer: Bryony Marks
Sound Mixer: Pete Smith (Episodes 1 - 3)
Pete Best (Episodes 4 - 6)
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