The Darkness

Directed by Greg McLean and shot in LA with KOJO’s VFX supervisor Marty Pepper, this thriller involved onset supervision and data management, look development, character design, 3D animation, simulations and multiple green screen scenes. Starring Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell.


Producers: Jason Blum, Greg McLean and Bianca Martino
Director: Greg McLean
Production Company: Blumhouse
Post Production Facility: KOJO Productions
Head of DI: Marty Pepper
Post Producer: Elene Pepper
Data Manager: Scott Heysen
VFX Supervisor: Marty Pepper
VFX Producer: Bree Whitford Smith and Stuart MacKenzie
VFX Editor: Alex Pepper
Creature Concept Artist: Brodie McCrossin
Creature Modellers: Brodie McCrossin, David Smith, Harsh Borah
Texture Artist: Petur Arnorsson
Fur Groomers: Arthur Moody, Mohit Sherman
Animator: David Smith
VFX simulations: Brad Pickford
Lighting TD: Eleni Taylor
Lead Compositors: Emily Probert, Mark Holman-Harris, Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
Compositors: Jack Troisi, Mark Dickson, Richard Coburn, Sam Matthews, Jake Barton, Eric Hawksley
Additional Roto and Paint: Rotomaker
Additional Simulations: Fin Design
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