Coopers Mild Ale

Coopers Mild Ale

KOJO has a great relationship with kwp! and their client Coopers.

KOJO has a long history of creating realistic CGI automotive work, making us a great choice for the new Coopers Mild project.

The Coopers V8 Super Cars campaign was originally meant to be a 2 dimensional piece, however, we set out to add value and produce a 3D solution while keeping within a set budget.

The vehicles were built in CGI to suit the exact vehicles that were a part of kwp!’s brief. Surface details such as dirt, grime and high gloss were added to enhance the individual character of each car and to assist in creating contrast between both. The models were then animated and lit with studio reflections to aid visual reality and a camera with human movement was also implemented to bring our viewers into the scene.

Creative thinking and a keen eye for detail were key in bringing this story to life. Having our “characters” taking centre stage and performing as an actor would is every animators dream!


Producer : Stuart MacKenzie
Agency : KWP
VFX Supervisor/Compositor : Mark Holman-Harris
Modelling/Shading : Eleni Taylor and David Smith
Lighting : Eleni Taylor
Motion Graphics : James Boorman
Animation: David Smith
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