Kmart Christmas Event

Kmart commissioned KOJO to produce their staff Christmas event: an Ancient Greek extravaganza. With a guest list of 1,000, a cast of over 40 actors and 8 professional dancers, the 8 Production Managers were charged with pulling together an event that was bigger than Ben Hur.

To set the scene KOJO spent 48 hours dressing the location with over 20 life-sized Colosseum pillars, a custom made horse drawn chariot and 18 truck laods of props, plants, audio visual equipment and staging.

“At Kmart, our strength and energy comes from our people. KOJO produce unique events for teams that are fun, engaging and rewarding. They don’t just theme a space, they build a narrative – an experience that builds pride in our brand.” Guy Russo, Managing Director. Kmart Australia Limited

To see how the night unfolded, check out the gallery above.