CGI Driving Solutions

KOJO Automotive Case Study

Imagine shooting a car commercial that doesn’t have any cars. Then imagine being able to add any car, model type and change them to the colour of your choice. Well KOJO’s VFX team has revolutionised the way in which automotive content is produced.

KOJO worked with agency CHE – and their client Mazda – to find a new way to deliver a fast, cost effective and flexible technique for producing high quality car sequences.

Traditionally automotive commercials require large films crews, high travel costs and are often faced with expensive re-shoots or fix ups as soon as a different car, model type or even colour is needed. And there was no way of changing the choreography of the cars or the art direction of how they looked after the shoot.

KOJO has combined over 20 years of VFX and auto industry production experience to break new ground with CGI driving solutions. We have created a new way of working that allows creative agencies and their clients to use any of their vehicles in any setting and at any time of year with full creative and technical control.

Our objective was to create photo realistic automotive CGI, add simulated driving, then composite both seamlessly onto live action backgrounds. These assets are also completed at print resolution allowing for images to be used in press and photography projects.

For this prototype CHE provided a high resolution CAD model of the Mazda 2, which was then put through our VFX pipeline. Our 3D cameras tracked the original live action footage and the CG cars were added, animated, lit and rendered to fit into the environment.

The end result is a stunningly high quality but low cost piece of work that is fully changeable, down to the colour, model or even make of car that can be added to the scenes.


Creative Director: Mike Wilson
Producer/DOP: Stuart Mackenzie
VFX Supervisor: Mark Holman Harris
Editor: Richard Coburn
Animation: David Smith
Lighting and shaders: Eleni Taylor
Motion Graphics: James Boorman
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