Adelaide Crows – Fan Engagement

AFC Stadium Experience

To create a fan engagement experience that gives the Adelaide Crows’ fans – the “19th man” – a visual voice in the stadium.

The Idea:

To create, design and produce a Crow that can cast an ominous presence over the ground and intimidate the opposition team before flying around the ground to celebrate a goal and claim the Oval as its own. And once flying, the Crow should be joined by his friends in celebration, swooping and soaring their way from the three LED screens and then onto the two ribbon LED screens that skirt the circumference of the Adelaide Oval.

The Execution:

We decided that to achieve the most natural and realistic imagery we needed to film an actual crow. This was completed against a green screen to enable us to design rolling cloud formations for the background. Still photography was taken of the live crow and from that we designed a built a CG crow which would taken on the duties of flying around the stadium via the ribbon LED screens. But before we could make that a reality we had to turn all of those LED screens into one screen, 23,000 pixels wide. To date we are the only creative company in Australia to create screen content that’s 2300 pixels wide, basically turning the boundary level LED into a single screen. Mastering the technical challenges of this environment meant that we could create content for moments of exclusivity where all three LED screens and the two LED ribbon boards play synched content. This, to our knowledge, has never been done before.

The Result:

By giving the “19th man” a visual voice we have helped turn the Adelaide Oval into a unique experience that has fans, players and the media praising the power of the “19th man” and the experience of being at a game at the Adelaide Oval.


Client: Adelaide Football Club
Title: Crows Stadium Experience
Agency: KOJO
Creative Director: Mike Wilson
Art Director: Mike Wilson
Production Company: KOJO
VFX Director: Marty Pepper
VFX Producer: Stuart MacKenzie
Stadium Producer: Matt Byrne
Digital Content Coordinator: Jake Tolsher
Sound Engineer: Justin Astbury
Sound Producer: Sophie Roenfeldt
Photographer / D.O.P: Aaron Gully
VFX Compositors: Mark Holman-Harris, Jess Burnheim
Modelling / Shading / Animation: David Smith
Lighting: Arthur Moody
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