Motorola aligns itself with music and fashion and so a presence in the Birdcage during the Spring Carnival at Flemington was a perfect fit for them. They came to KOJO with the brief to create a must-be-seen-in marquee, fill it with celebrities, top-line entertainment, and the very best in food and wine and create a PR campaign that would grab the attention of the fashion and mainstream media.

KOJO assembled a team of designers, architects, builders and specialist fashion PR practitioners, sourced the best caterers and entertainment in Melbourne, and secured Hollywood actress, Kate Bosworth as Motorola’s special guest, to create Cube – a massive, mirrored structure unlike anything seen in the Birdcage before.

For Motorola’s guests, Cube was an exciting, stylish and immersive brand experience – and a magnet to the A-listers. For the general public and aspiring fashionistas they could read all about it the experience in the phenomenal media coverage it garnered.