Brand South Australia

Brand south Australia Launch

Advertising agency kwp!, commissioned KOJO to design, direct and produce a projection mapped film to help launch South Australia’s new branding.

The four-minute film was projected onto Adelaide’s iconic Festival Centre roof and was one of three films produced by KOJO for the VIP launch event: an event run by KOJO’s event team.

KOJO assembled an international team to collaborate on Brand SA. With an almost impossible lead time of only 4 weeks, the team had to negotiate a maze of red tape and overcome numerous obstacles to design and deliver a lavish welcome party culminating in the projection finale. 100 crew, 16 truckloads of equipment 160 thousand lumens of projection and 9 days on site in blistering heat resulted in a world class launch. We are very proud of the entire team.

Agency: kwp!
Concept Development: Peter Withy (kwp!) Dale Roberts (KOJO)
Agency Creative team: Peter Withy, Michael Gagliardi, Matt Minear
Agency Account Director: Gillian Phillps

Director: Mike Wilson
Art Director: Mike Wilson
Executive Producer: Stuart MacKenzie
Projection Mapping: Nils Pormann Dandelion & Burdock, Novatech
Animation/Design: Mechanical Apple, James Boorman, Eleni Taylor, Jess Burnheim
Music Composition: Justin Poundsett, Justin Astbury
Sound Design: Justin Astbury
Creative Services Manager: Kira Radloff

Project Director: Daniel Tippett
Senior Producer: Tammie Iliopoulos
Technical Director: Gavin Link
D3 producer: Nils Porman

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