Hilltop Hoods Recapturing the Vibe

Recapturing The Vibe

Created out of respect for the new breed of extreme sports like Parkour and Freerunning as well as a love of mockumentary, this music video was originally conceived as a short film project by Richard Coburn and Armin Mayer. They then had the idea to pitch it to the Hilltop Hoods as music video in what they describe as a “cynical attempt to generate a bigger audience.” Luckily, the Hoods were up for the idea of “Adult Swinging” and allowed the team free reign to create a pretty unique clip that showcases the talents of Kojo both behind and in front of the camera. Across the whole company, people donated their time and talents to be actors or to help in the production of the clip. The team also collaborated with awesome locals, the Martial Arts Stunt Krew (M.A.S.K.) who worked closely with the camera and VFX departments to produce the realistic stunt sequences. The team are indebted to an American youtube user who pointed out that ‘Adult Swinging” means something completely different over there.


Director : Richard Coburn
Producers : Annalise Menzel, Martyn Zub
Writers : Armin Mayer, Richard Coburn
D.O.P. : Aaron Gully
Sound : Martyn Zub
Editor : Richard Coburn
Colourist : Marty Pepper
VFX and Compositing : Rachel O'Connell, Nathan Jones, Nick Deboar
Graphic Design : Dave Petzold, Dave Stace, Julian Austin, Richard Coburn, Jade Robinson
Stunt Team : M.A.S.K, Nino Pilla & David Mackey
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