Womad TVC

What physical form does your favourite music take on? That was the question Richard Coburn asked when concepting for the 2014 WOMADelaide TVC.

For the production the team at KOJO designed and built a high-tech ultra-modern and VERY complicated machine that actually transforms sound waves into a physical form…well we may have had a little help from the KOJO VFX department.

The result; a dynamic TVC that highlights that sights and sounds of Adelaide’s World Music Festival.


Director/Editor: Richard Coburn
Producer: Sophie Roenfeldt, Chelsea Morris
Creative Director: Mike Wilson
DOP: Craig Phillpot
Executive Producer Post Production: Stuart MacKenzie
VFX Supervisor: Mark Holman-Harris
VFX: Richard Coburn, Eleni Taylor, Arthur Moody, Dave Smith
Grade and Online: Richard Coburn
Sound Engineer: Justin Astbury
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