Red Cross Blood Service

Thank You

After Narelle’s life was saved by the generous blood donations of Australians, her husband, Tane was inspired to organise a thank you card from their community. It was his way of showing donors that they had a huge impact, not just on Narelle, but everyone in her life. Rapp approached Nicholas to create a short documentary that showed Tane’s journey passing around the ’Thank You’ card. The brief was to create an honest but uplifting film that thanks existing blood donors as well as encourages new donations.


Client: Red Cross Blood Service
Agency: Rapp
National Direct Marketing Co-ordinator: Quyen Siu
Creative Directors: Steve Crawford & Murray Bransgrove
Creatives: Tessa Midgley & Jardin Anderson
Senior Client Lead: Angela Bishop.
Production Company: KOJO
Directed & Edited by Nicholas Carlton
Executive Producer – Jessica Norton
Production Manager – Shaun McAlpine
Director of Photography – Shyam Ediriweera
Music & Sound – Dmitri Golovko
Colour – CJ Dobson
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