Angie Bird

About Angie Bird

Born and bred in Melbourne Australia, Angie Bird has been behind the lens since she was old on enough to hold her first disposable camera. Her skills have improved markedly since then.

Her passion for capturing life in all its honesty and beauty, inspired her to study the arts. After graduating from RMIT University in Melbourne, she moved to Toronto to begin her career as an advertising art director at Leo Burnett. While her goal was always to create films, in this role she learned a lot about what makes folks tick, and what makes a story worth telling.

After making ads and freezing her bits off in Canada for four years, Bird transitioned in to directing commercials. Here she was able hone her storytelling skills, and discover how to unite humanity and style on screen. Observing life, and trying to capture it accurately and without the distortion a camera so often brings became a more and more important goal for her, and eventually led her to pursue documentary film making.

“You Won’t Regret That Tattoo” is Angie Birds first documentary. It captures a perspective on modern culture and the tattoo phenomenon previously unexplored in the media – that of an older generation who are proud to sport the ink they wear. As well as being a beautiful study of human nature, the film uncovers the meaning and importance behind the social ritual of tattoos.

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You won’t regret that Tattoo

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