Metropolitan Waste Management Group

2013 THE BACK TO EARTH initiative

Ever wondered what happens to your green waste after it’s picked up?

The ‘Back to Earth’ initiative from The Metropolitan Waste Management Group promotes recycling best practice for residential organic waste management.

Acting as a key touchpoint for the ‘Back to Earth’ campaign, KOJO were asked to deliver a responsive website that complied with government accessibility standards and could be self authored by the client on delivery.

A simple tactic was the backbone of KOJO’s creative response – make it friendly, make it fun. The user is guided through the different stages of the organic recycling process by an animated bird. This playful character element illustrates KOJO’s ability to bring the right balance of personality and storytelling to a brand.

A combination of CSS3 and Javascript techniques were used to take advantage of hardware acceleration and provide a technical solution that allows an interactive experience across all devices.

Since the sites launch in October levels of user engagement have been exceptionally high, the average user is now spending 4:30 minutes discovering the journey from kerbside to back to earth.



Head of Digital: Stephen Lord
Senior Digital Producer: Jo Laboo
Creative Director: Mike Wilson
Art Direction: Mark Paterson
Illustrator: Tommy Doyle
Front-End Developer: Luke Smith