Enable and Emphasize

WEST – enable and emphasize

Commercial & General charged KOJO with challenging the norm residential development websites. The leading S.A property developer set themselves the far larger challenge of creating a community. Situated in the Adelaide suburb of West Lakes, WEST will deliver 1600 architecturally designed dwellings, leisure facilities and additional green space over the next 10 yrs.

The KOJO project team quickly recognised the need to enable content flexibility and emphasize the destination’s lifestyle benefits. Conceiving a matrix of modular content blocks allows messaging and imagery to quickly and easily cycle forging relevance, return visitation and site longevity.

One notable development feature of the site is the animated page transitions. Achieved by dynamically loading in new page content with AJAX, and handling URL changes with the HTML5 history API. A technical application which conveys the elemental nature of the destination.

Discovering WEST as a destination is a discovery lead process throughout the site – a journey. The intuitive, confident and contemporary interface presents a range of scenarios in which a user can interact with the site.


Chief Strategy Officer – Stephen Lord
National Creative Director – Mike Wilson
Senior Digital Producer – Jamie Banks and Chantella Perera
Designer – Mark Paterson
Developer – Darren Grant
Technical Architect – Hubert Ott