CONNOISSEUR Gourmet Ice-Cream

In a first time collaboration with Peters Ice Cream, KOJO’s digital team set out to design and develop a responsive site to herald the release of the new CONNOISSEUR Classic Stick product line.

KOJO crafted a timeless, responsive site that uses rich, evocative imagery aiming to embody a sense of experience and reflect the premium nature of the CONNOISSEUR brand.

The site is now as beautiful as it is clever, through the implementation of a seamless UI architecture that accommodates for continued content/product growth, smooth animation across all browsers, builds user engagement and clearly showcases the brand.

The website went live on 30 September 2013 with astounding results. In the first week of publication, website traffic increased with over 14,500 unique users visiting the website and 10,300 plus users viewing the CONNOISSEUR TVC on the homepage.


Head of Digital: Stephen Lord
Creative Director: Mike Wilson
Senior Digital Producer: Jo Laboo
Senior Designer: Mark Paterson
Front End Developer: Luke Smith
Back End Developer: Geoff Green
Technical Architect: Hubert Ott