SCF Containers

This branded video content piece is, first and foremost, a story about one man who decided that there’s “just got to be a better way”.

This philosophy saw Richard Sykes, CEO of SCF, create a shipping container company that is slowly but surely reinventing the category. KOJO’s job was to extract this story, have it delivered in his own words and then direct the performances of the staff to support this story.

The symmetry and repetition of shape, not to mention the sheer scale of the containers offered up a number of framing opportunities and allowed KOJO to shoot the product in a structured rigour and then juxtapose that with very warm, intimate frames of the people that work with these uncompromising steel shapes.


Creative Director – Mike Wilson
Associate Creative Director - Phil Moule
Senior Integrated Producer - Kira Wright
Director - Mike Wilson
DOP - David Parkinson
Editor - David Parkinson
Sound Engineer - Justin Astbury
Photographer - Jonathan Van der Knaap
Retouching - Trent Franks
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