One Family, Many Stories


KOJO has produced a stunning cinema, TV & online campaign for Agency KWP! and their client Yalumba. Directed by Gemma Lee, the commercials are designed to tell the One Family, Many stories campaign the agency has created.

KWP! Copywriter, Corey Swaffer explained, “Yalumba is a family owned winery and each of their wines is a member of the family. Yet they’re all individuals. This insight inspired our creative thinking.”

KOJO Executive Producer Jessica Norton says. “Gemma Lee was perfect for this project; her wonderful sense of style, her composition and eye for detail has resulted in a beautiful and cinematic campaign. This project demonstrates a style of work where KOJO’s Production and Post teams worked seamlessly to create a piece we are all very proud of.”

KOJO’s Executive Director of Post Production Marty Pepper collaborated with Gemma and Producer Matt Byrne to help bring the Patchwork & Scribbler idea to life. Detailed planning by the team in pre and on-set ensured every angle was mapped out so that the reflection passes worked seamlessly in the commercial.

A key challenge was the reflections of the “Patchwork” character and replacing them with his “Scribbler” alter ego; this was achieved using a combination of matte painting, compositing and 3D tracking. The characters were played by identical twins and were shot as separate passes before being composited together in flame.


Agency: KWP! Advertising
Creative Director: James Rickard
Creative Team: Corey Swaffer, Michael Gagliardi
Agency Producer: Micky Grant
Production Company: KOJO
Executive Producer: Jessica Norton
Director: Gemma Lee
Producer: Matt Byrne
DOP: Simon Ozolins
VFX Supervisor/Editor: Marty Pepper
Sound Production Company: Reveal Music
Composer/Sound Engineer: Steeve Body

Please contact Jessica Norton at jessica.norton@kojo.com.au to see more of Gemma Lee’s work.
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