KOJO Director/Designer, Richard Coburn had a very sticky time when he decided to make the 2015 Womadelaide commercial… out of paper! KOJO have had the pleasure of producing numerous Womadelaide commercials over the years and has become one of the yearly highlights.

This years 2015 TVC plays with the idea of music being the spark that brings life and colour to the world and in a supreme moment of optimism, Richard decided to make the commercial out of paper.

It resulted in a unique look that was worth the late nights, glue stains and the nagging suspicion that it would have been simpler to do it all digitally in CGI. The combination of back lighting and using simple shapes created a world of shade that mini projectors brought to life with pulsing designs as the music filled the landscape for a look that was, for the majority, captured in camera on the RED EPIC. With the addition of 3D birds, the Lion logo and a 2D floating spark, the rest was all in camera with digitally created animations projected onto the paper sets. Filmed & 2D animation by Richard Coburn, Marty Pepper graded the final in Lustre, with additional 3D by KOJO VFX Supervisor Mark Holman-Harris.


Director, DOP, Editorial and Paper Wrangling - Richard Coburn
Producers - Chelsea Morris, Zoe Drummond
Additional Modellers and Set Builders - Laura Franklin, Sean Coburn and Zoe Drummond
3D Modeling/Animation - David Smith
Compositor/VFX - Mark Holman-Harris
Colourist - Marty Pepper
Sound - Justin Astbury
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