The Van

When kwp! rang to say to they were sending through scripts that were “BIG” we had no idea just how BIG they were going to be. It’s not every day you get a new brand commercial this ambitious and we, as story-tellers, were elated! The brief was to turn RAA Headquarters into an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ meets ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ world, where an RAA employee takes an RAA member on a tour of the magical world of RAA. KOJO Post played a significant role in using Visual Effects to develop integral components of the TVC, enhancing live-action footage and creating entirely new scenes, bringing this magical world to life.


Client: RAA
Agency: kwp!
Creatives: Steve Evans & Matt Minnear
Production Company: KOJO
Director Sam Wark
DOP: Aaron Gully
Producer: Kristen Davey
Line Producer: Elene Pepper
Production Designer: Tony Cronin
Editor & VFX Director: Marty Pepper
VFX Supervisor: Mark Holman-Harris/Jess Burnheim
VFX: Emily Probert, David Smith, Arthur Moody & Brodie McCrossin
Post Producer: Lauri Sharp/Chelsea Morris
Colourist: Marty Pepper
Music: Justin Pounsett
Sound: Justin Astbury
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